Every year the festival Textilium Futura organizes 1 or more activities, which together form the tailor-made to the full program 5 to 12 May 2024.

The Festival Textilium Futura offers THE ENTIRE textile industry a stage to show its future and the latest developments toward it. We use the textile city of Tilburg as a backdrop, and make textile in all its facets visible in special places. Think of improved production forms, new applications and new technologies that increase reuse and recycling and reduce production loss. New works of art and young artists are also being given the attention.

The Festival Textilium Futura lets the general public see, feel and smell the developments of the entire textile industry, but also lets visitors participate. During the inspiring activities and events we seek the connection with business and consumers, with which we together make a sustainable contribution to a circular textile industry. Textilium Futura, for example, will become a second icon of the city in addition to the town of Tilburg, while at the same time strengthening urban cohesion, the urban economy, the business environment, employment and cultural tourism.

The three red wires

Textilium Futura contributes to a future-proof textile industry through three red wires, which run through all activities and events, for consumers, education and business.


For a sustainable textile industry, cooperation between companies and education and the sharing of knowledge and experience is essential. The lectures, company visits, expert sessions and experiences of Textilium Futura contribute to this. We also work as sustainably as possible through our events and activities thanks to the cooperation with the Green Leisure Group. Textilium Futura contributes to the Up-New Textile Center in the Drögepand, which is set up by Midpoint Brabant Circular. This adds international appeal to our city. In addition, Textilium Futura and Up-New connect with mbo, hbo and wo courses to further boost the sustainable textile economy.


Textilium Futura is there by and for the city This is why we highlight the history of the textile city of Tilburg and its historic textile properties. We let visitors experience the history and future of the city like never before, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques. We involve the retail trade and entrepreneurs both inside and outside the shopping area. Together with Citymarketing Tilburg we put Textilium Futura and the city on the map regionally, nationally and internationally.


Textilium Futura is happy to let visitors get their hands on during social and cultural activities. This happens with workshops or sports and game activities, such as with the Textilium Futura board game and various sports games in the Railway Park. But also think of the yearly Textour, a walking and cycling route along the most beautiful pearls of Tilburg: Visit boutiques, discover new works and see the street theater in the city.ad. In all social and cultural activities we work together with local eyecatchers as museums and pop-up sites, but also with social organizations like La Poubelle, Amarant and Allemans Foundation. Together we take care of the collection of clothing for the good cause, and of residual products, the Tilburg company Vodde makes recycled socks.


The Wagenmakerij, Koepelhal and Hall of Fame formed the backdrop of the Textilium Days in 2024, the highlight we have been working toward since 2021 and where the three red threads of Textilium Futura meet.

For five days, national and international guests and consumers can follow presentations, workshops, fashion shows, lectures, theater and enjoy culinary delights. But a visit to one of the companies or the city is also possible.

With the combination of textile technology, art, theater, sport and play, Festival Textilium Futura puts on the map the latest developments in this exciting industry and the stat Tilburg nationally and internationally. The wide range of activities, possibilities and collaborations also makes the event accessible to a broad audience.

And with the right effort, in the right form, at the right pace and with the necessary resources, we can even succeed Textilium Futura in other European cities. Do you want to contribute to a circular textile industry together with Textilium Futura? www.textiliumfutura.com

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